Datacap 9.1 Upgrade

Datacap 9.1 Upgrade

Are you still on Datacap 8.0.1 or 8.1?
Is upgrading a daunting and risky task?
Are you aware of the benefits that 9.1 can offer?

MagicLamp will help you get to Datacap 9.1 easily and reliably with a predictable cost and timeline



Take full advantage of enhancements in Datacap 9.1 such as;

  • cognitive capture
  • mobile capture
  • Automatic redaction
  • unified user interface (Content Navigator)
  • increased stability
  • performance improvements



  • Installation of Datacap 9.1 software; development environment on newly provisioned servers


  • Analyze and upgrade existing Admin, Engine, and Fingerprint database (Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access)
  • Identification and recommendation of any custom database scripts which may need to be recreated that will ensure any and all database customizations are ported over correctly


  • Migration of all existing fingerprints


  • Migration of all Datacap rule files
  • Analyze and repair any erroneous rulesets using Datacap Studio in 9.1
  • Replace and repair any deprecated actions

Custom Actions

  • Upgrade custom actions to use the latest 9.1 APIs

Taskmaster Web

  • Analysis and recommendation on decision to migrate to Datacap Navigator

Thick Client Panels

  • Migration Datacap 8 thick client panels to Datacap 9.1 panel standards
  • Abilty to migrate client panels to Content Navigator (optional)


  • Existing configurations such as shortcuts, groups, workflows, Task Set XML files, Settings files, POLR, and thread definitions will be migrated over to Datacap 9.1 for a seamless transition

Documentation Support

  • A detailed migration document outlining changes made throughout the migration process including screen shots will be provided

Knowledge Transfer

  • Half-day session to walkthrough new features


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