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Ready to take control of your documents? We’re all ears.

Realistic software solutions for business process automation.

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Ready to take control of your  documents? We’re all ears.

Cloud OCR Connector

Leverage Multiple Cloud-Based Engines for Optimal Document Capture

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Content Capture

Results-driven Datacap design and implementation

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Your unique challenges can’t be solved with a cookie-cutter approach. We tailor your solution to fit your business.


Due to the application stability gained and strategic recommendations from MagicLamp, we are in a much better place with processing our current business as well as preparing for future growth. There really was a Genie!

MagicLamp had some experience working within government previously, so that was really helpful because they understood the broader context of how records were managed in government. What they brought back to us were some ways to be more efficient on this project and recommendations that came along with that knowledge. Given that it was such a daunting task from the very outset of it, it was a very smooth transition to a digital environment.

We have a fantastic relationship with MagicLamp and view them as a true partner. I’ve been working in IT for a while, and have yet to come across a better vendor. After just five weeks of working with MagicLamp, we had a fully operational capture application, with more functionality than our previous vendor was able to provide.

MagicLamp is one of IBM's best and most trusted business partners. They have demonstrated the ability to solve complex business problems for IBM clients, and their expertise and experience with ECM solutions and business processes is substantial.