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Hello, we're MagicLamp Software

Since 2007, MagicLamp has provided leading-edge software development and consulting services for companies across North America who are looking to significantly improve their operations. The expertise of our team to work with core technologies is unrivalled and so is our ability to provide value to our clients. It’s our marker of success that clients feel confident in our ability to do what needs to be done to help them do business better.

We listen

Your business processes are complex.
Our approach is simple.

We listen
We understand

Complexity is ok. Confusion is not.
You need auditability. Compliance. Lower costs.

We understand
We build

You know what you do well. You know where you want to be.
You need a partner with the skills and tools to get you there.

We build
We transform

Imagine automation. Simplicity. Visibility.
Real-time reporting. Regulatory compliance.

We transform

What it means to be an IBM Gold Business Partner

We’ve been providing software development and consulting services in partnership with IBM for over a decade. Benefit from our ability to harness IBM’s extensive resources to transform your business.

MagicLamp and IBM have worked in partnership to build solutions for clients such as Abercrombie & Fitch and MAAX, in industries as wide ranging as banking, manufacturing, retail, insurance and health care.

Leadership Team

Code of Ethics

At MagicLamp we have established a code of ethics that guide us in our actions on a day to day basis and is the foundation to our success as we grow our company. These values are embedded into our culture and into our policies and procedures that we adhere to every day.

We conduct ourselves lawfully and respectfully in all matters of business and aim to maintain the highest standard of integrity and due care in everything we do. We are honest and truthful in all of our business dealings and we treat people fairly regardless of the circumstances.

Our team of professionals are competent in their field, respectful in their approach and objective in recommending solutions based on what is best for the customer above all else. We uphold the highest of standards for client confidentiality and privacy. We are proud of our accomplishments but are humble in terms of self-promotion.


We’re the world’s leading image capture and business process solutions provider. If you work for us, you would work closely with customers around the world helping to develop and implement complex software projects.

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