Magic Lamp Software

Aflac Case Study

Business Challenge

In 2018, American Family Life Assurance Company (Aflac) was using IBM Datacap to support the ingestion of several different types of documents into their business.  Despite having the right tool for the job, they were struggling with the stability of their applications which were hosted by another vendor. 

Routinely troubled with issues, they asked IBM to provide recommendations for capture expertise from anywhere in the world that could deliver on their technical needs while also providing strategic counsel for the future.  Aflac sought a partner; not a vendor. MagicLamp Software was introduced.

MagicLamp proposed a humble start – a Health Check.  MagicLamp employed a rigorous evaluation plan to review more than sixty key metrics within the platform which identified where areas of concern may be within the applications as well as the hosted environment. 

The result was a comprehensive review of the Aflac system and a subsequent presentation of recommendations.  The recommendations offered advice on stabilizing the platform and identified critical areas within the applications themselves that could increase performance and efficiency.

Building on Trust

The recommendations and insights taken from the Health Check provided Aflac with validation that they might have the right partner to assist them.  The next challenge was to affect change with the hosting partner.  This situation can often lead to finger-pointing and distrust among all parties.  While there were certainly challenges, Aflac was able to successfully get their two partners to collaborate. 

With open and frequent communication, MagicLamp became a trusted technical member of the broader team.  In the months that passed, more and more responsibility for the stability of the capture system and applications fell to MagicLamp while the hosting provider was able to stay on task for the infrastructure.

Then Came Covid

The spring of 2020 brought an unprecedented change to business.  For Aflac, two critical and conflicting challenges appeared from nowhere.  Employees were forced to work remotely at the same time as an increase in documents were coming into the business.  By investing into the stability of their platform months ahead of time, Aflac was able to not only weather this storm, they also expanded their capture strategy.

A thorough review of the entire capture strategy was done by all parties involved to fully understand Aflac’s current and future requirements.  The exercise was a pivotal moment in Aflac’s transition from viewing capture applications as stand-alone solutions to a broader business strategy.

Looking Forward

Supported by MagicLamp, IBM, and their hosting provider, Aflac is well positioned to continue to expand their capture platform.  The current applications are scalable, and their environment is prepared for any new applications that may be required.  Much like the evolution of their capture platform, Aflac’s expectations of their partnership with MagicLamp are changing.

As they look to the future with a broader internal team, MagicLamp is no longer required to fulfill the technical role that was once required.  Aflac relies on MagicLamp for recurring strategy conversations, architectural guidance, and application training.  Mission accomplished!

“Due to the application stability gained and strategic recommendations from MagicLamp, we are in a much better place with processing our current business as well as preparing for future growth. There really was a Genie!”

Lauren Copes
Digital Services Director
aflac case study