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Correct your Data with Cognitive Correction

Posted on August 10th, 2017 Blog

What if I told you that an operator using IBM Datacap only had to fix something ONCE, do I have your attention yet? OK, then what if I also told you that the next time that same document went through Datacap the exact same data issue would be corrected automatically without human interaction, would that impress you? Well, it is possible, it’s here, and it’s a product offering from MagicLamp Software called ‘Cognitive Correction’.

I might have gotten a little bit ahead of myself so allow me to rewind and set the stage. In the world of imaging, wouldn’t it be nice if content came into imaging platforms always in a perfect format, the right resolution, amazing quality and nicely orientated? We all know that this is seldom the case.  In fact, products like IBM Datacap provide a great collection of tools to allow us to convert content from one format to another, clean up, and re-align images prior to OCR.

Datacap verify operators continue to tell us that they are having to fix the same OCR data errors time and time again and those that know MagicLamp know that WE LISTEN. In fact, this time we have listened so well that we have designed and developed a tool that will address this issue head on and it’s cognitive in nature.

The product soon to be released to the imaging market is called ‘Cognitive Correction’. This tool has been designed from the ground up and its sole purpose is to learn data corrections made to erroneous data. Going forward, the  ‘Cognitive Correction’ tool will start to correct these data issues in real-time and without any operator interaction. If that’s not enough once corrected, the ‘Cognitive Correction’ tool has the ability to set the confidence to high on that correction to so that the correction does not cause Datacap to send the batch to the verify stage.

Don’t worry we have not forgotten that operators have had to continually fix the same data for a long time; and therefore, there is probably a lot of old corrections that could be reused if collected. MagicLamp has it covered. Our ‘Cognitive Correction’ tool comes with a component that will scan old batches and collect up, organize and filter past corrections.

So by now you must be asking yourself where and how do I get my hands on this time saving tool? Well, the product itself is in final testing. Our sales & marketing teams are feverishly completing the final product cut sheets and our product development team is concluding all supporting documentation for this great product.


By: Troy DesBarres, Founding Partner, MagicLamp Software