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Cloud OCR Connector

Cloud OCR Connector

Get Better OCR Results from Datacap

Use Cloud-based recognition engines with Datacap workflows

An enterprise document capture solution returns value to the business by accurately extracting information from forms and documents.  This is the foundation of what is today being called Robotic Process Automation. For example, in an accounts payable application, incoming invoices can be matched to an internal database of purchase orders. The more documents that can be processed automatically, the lower the cost and the higher the value of the solution.

Obtaining better results depends on the accuracy of the optical character recognition (OCR) engine providing the service. All OCR engines do not generate the same results from the same documents. If you are not happy with the results you are getting from Datacap OCR, you should explore MagicLamp’s Cloud OCR Connector.

The Cloud OCR Connector helps you break free of the OCR limitations of the IBM Datacap environment. Now, for the first time, your Datacap workflows have access to the advanced capabilities of cloud OCR engines provided by Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Pairing a low-cost, highly accurate cloud OCR engine with your Datacap workflow can make a world of difference in the value your capture solution is returning to the business.

There are IT benefits too, such as using the cloud to scale CPU-intensive OCR processing to meet seasonal peaks, instead of buying more hardware that sits idle for most of the year.

Why use a Cloud OCR engine with Datacap?

  • Superior OCR results at a low cost enable more automated processing
  • Access to advanced features such as unbound handwriting recognition, enhanced table recognition, and automatic language translation
  • Faster access to new capabilities added by cloud OCR engine vendors – and with no Datacap upgrade required.
  • Scale performance in the cloud as required to handle seasonal processing peaks
  • Reduced infrastructure and IT costs with fewer servers to buy, license, and manage

Our processing time is much faster utilizing the cloud infrastructure. What may have taken us two months to develop on our own is reduced to one week of implementation and testing.”

— Expert Logistics Engineer, J.B. Hunt

The powerful plug-in is non-disruptive. It leverages your investment in Datacap with AI-infused OCR to meet your line of business requirements.

Cloud OCR Connector features include:

  • Enhanced Accuracy of Character Recognition Results
  • Enhanced Accuracy of Handwriting Recognition
  • Automatic Language Translation
  • Enhanced Table Recognition
  • Key Value Pair Extraction
  • Entity Extractions
  • Machine Learning
  • Outsourced Server Scaling
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