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Cloud OCR Connector

Cloud OCR Connector

Leverage Multiple Cloud-Based Engines for Optimal Document Capture

MagicLamp Software’s new Cloud OCR Connector expands on the out-of-the-box recognition engine in IBM Datacap.

This powerful plugin enables you to optimize your Datacap investment by leveraging a variety of cloud-based recognition engines.

Current extensions supported include Google Vision, Google Tesseract, Microsoft Azure’s Computer Vision, Amazon’s AWS Textract, and ABBYY’s Cloud Services.

The connector gathers & compares results from multiple engines so that the most effective one can be selected. (Some perform better with understanding handwriting while others may excel at reading tables, for example.)

Multiple engines can be deployed in production to increase field-level accuracy and complement each other to provide more detailed data.

Another benefit is improved server utilization. By outsourcing the recognition functions on required elements, there are savings to your internal system resources.

These efficiency improvements allow for rapid scaling while taking advantage of machine learning algorithms.

The powerful plug-in is non-disruptive. It leverages your investment in Datacap with AI-infused OCR to meet your line of business requirements.

Cloud OCR Connector features include:

  • Enhanced Accuracy of Character Recognition Results
  • Enhanced Accuracy of Handwriting Recognition
  • Automatic Language Translation
  • Enhanced Table Recognition
  • Key Value Pair Extraction
  • Entity Extractions
  • Machine Learning
  • Outsourced Server Scaling
MagicLamp Software Cloud OCR Connector for IBM Datacap

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