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Datacap Health Check

Datacap Health Check

Identify and Fill the Gaps of your Datacap Solution

Feeling stuck with your Datacap solution? Not getting the results you wanted from document capture? Sounds like you need a Datacap Health Check.

With our in-depth diagnostic tools and decades of experience, our team will check the health of your IBM Datacap system (using over 70 check points), identify gaps and offer recommendations for significant improvements. 

Does Your Business Need a Datacap Health Check?

If your business experiences any of these scenarios, we can help:

  • Processes evolve over time.  Is your Datacap aligned to how your business process currently functions? 
  • Processes are ineffective.  Is your current process holding the business hostage from process improvements?
  • Turnover happens.  What inefficiencies have been created through the loss and replacement of internal Datacap stakeholders in your business?
  • Legacy Systems.  If you have previous versions of Datacap, understanding where you are before upgrading will help shape your upgrade planning.
  • Is it simply time to introduce a non-biased opinion on a vital business process?

We Can Help You Make the Most Out of Your Datacap Investment.

MagicLamp Software created its Health Check as a result from years of working with Datacap clients and identifying the obstacles that keep their systems from running at its peak performance.

We can help you improve your operations by locating and analyzing gaps between business processes and your Datacap system.

Our health check contains over 70 check points and it includes:

  • Professional services engagement by MagicLamp personnel.
  • Cooperation with your internal teams to understand your Datacap goals and how you currently function.
  • Review of all Datacap requirements and documentation.
  • Review and test your Datacap platform in a sandbox environment.
  • Comprehensive report summarizing findings and recommendations.

Find out how MagicLamp helped Aflac improve their automation with a Datacap Health Check.

MagicLamp Software Datacap Health Check

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