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If You Have ‘RPA’, We Have the ‘OCR’ !!!

Posted on July 18th, 2018 Blog

Recently the topic of data capture has been prevalent in my talks with companies using RPA solutions. Many companies using RPA have realized that the technology in their RPA platform is not meeting the requirements of data capture and OCR. On a recent call, a client stated that their RPA solution’s OCR had less than 5% accuracy.

MagicLamp Software is an IBM business partner with skills in both advanced data capture and RPA. Our focus is on data capture. When advanced data capture is required, MagicLamp is often consulted. Our success in this area is attributable, in large part, to the fact that we listen to our customers. MagicLamp makes the OCR solution fit your needs, not you meeting the solutions needs.

Advanced data capture, of which OCR is a feature, is an exercise in achieving high levels of accuracy in extracted data. The quality of the data has a direct impact on the decisions or actions of the RPA bots. Several factors affect the quality of data extraction, let’s review some of them.

Understanding what your capture requirements are, and the landscape of information required is paramount. The most accurate method of achieving this understanding is to start at the end. Determine what information is needed by the downstream systems and plan accordingly.

Having determined what is needed, the next step is to analyze your inbound documents to answer the following questions:

  •    Are there multiple content types?
  •    Do the documents have a binary layer present?
  •    If not, can a conversion process generate the binary layer?
  •    Are pre-processing image enhancements needed?
  •    Will zonal extraction or full-page OCR be required?
  •    What existing information can be used to validate extracted data?
  •    Where will human verification be required?

Lastly take a close look at the OCR tools being evaluated, or used, to ensure that they can meet the desired outcomes. If the tools being considered cannot provide the results required, then you owe it to yourself to find the correct imaging solution that will do the job. A mistake in the choice of the solution will result in more time, effort, energy and money being disbursed to address the issue. One result of poor data quality that is often not considered is the loss of confidence in the automation process by the various business units. Once that confidence is lost it is difficult to recover.

If your robotics team or business units are experiencing accuracy issues in your captured data, the MagicLamp Software team of imaging experts can help. Please call us today at 1-855-232-5267 to learn more about our services and solutions.