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Is it Time for a Datacap Health Check?

Posted on February 18th, 2021 Blog

MagicLamp’s Health Check offering is a great option for customers who want to ensure that their Datacap implementation adheres to industry best practices. After purchasing a Health Check, MagicLamp works with organizations to review every aspect of their Datacap system to ensure that environments and applications are properly configured, and that all business requirements are met. 

The Datacap Health Check includes in-depth performance analysis of the application using a proprietary performance monitoring tool that analyzes production batch data to deliver granular performance reporting that will help to pinpoint problem areas where development effort should be focused for maximum efficiency. The performance monitor tool is provided to Health Check customers at no additional charge so that they can review the performance of their applications periodically and continue to benefit from the Health Check long after the engagement with MagicLamp is complete. 

MagicLamp will deliver a final report detailing the overall health of the system based on a comprehensive list of best practices that cover all areas of the application and architecture. The report includes a detailed list of recommendations categorized by severity and including level-of-effort estimates. If there are any ongoing issues or defects with the application, MagicLamp will triage them and provide solution or workaround recommendations. 

MagicLamp has been able to provide value to many Health Check customers with varying levels of Datacap expertise. This is a great offering for organizations that are early in their Datacap journey and would like to accelerate the resolution of technical hurdles, and for organizations with more mature Datacap implementations who want to ensure they are adhering to best practices and getting the most mileage out of every feature of the platform.   

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