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Posted on April 30th, 2018 Blog


If you take a look around at today’s Enterprises, the ability to deliver highly confident automation solutions, especially when OCR is required, can be quite challenging. Software can seem so overwhelming, especially when people are trying to configure the right solution mix.

We see it in Sales and Marketing and it’s the world of single task tools. These tools are NOT Swiss Army knives by any means, in fact they are tools that do one thing but do it very well.

If we take this approach to the IT Data Centers and back offices, I think that the outcomes could be positive, powerful and motivating to all.


MagicLamp Software specializes in Automation as it relates to Content Capture, RPA and Operational Decision Manager. When working with our clients we tend to focus on applying the right platform when architecting the overall solution to achieve the desired outcome. Keeping in mind that it may take more than one platform to solve the entire solution.

Lets begin by looking at a scenario comprised of the following highlights

  • Our process begins with Documents being ingested and processed.
  • RPA Robots need to use the information from the Documents to execute value add tasks to the business unit.
  • Decisions need to be made based on the information extracted from the Documents.

Requirement: Documents are the key artifacts and must be ingested in order to kick off the entire process.

MagicLamp Recommendation: When MagicLamp encounters these types of requirements we always go back to the Enterprise. We look at existing processes and solutions, which may already be implemented. Organizations spend a lot of money on Enterprise Software and want to get as much value out of that software as possible. It is our job as a value based consultancy to help in this efforts. So if there is a way to use existing software or processes then we will.

If on the other hand, organizations do not have a solution or process in place then the MagicLamp team would work with the project team to determine the best approach to meet the requirement given the technologies proposed for the solution. The desired outcome is to implement a process that works to solve both the requirement and is acceptable to the team.

Requirement: The RPA Robots need to use the information from documents.

MagicLamp Recommendation: Even though RPA platforms do perform OCR unfortunately the results of this OCR extraction do not provide the Robot with any additional confidence information from the OCR process. As a result the Robot has no way of knowing if the data being used is accurate. As a result, MagicLamp would always recommend a full flexible capture platform such as IBM Datacap.

Requirement: Robotic routing needs to happen based on decisions, which are based on the information extracted from the documents

MagicLamp Recommendation: Our suggestion here is always based upon the type of Decisions that needs to be made. If these decisions are static business rules that seldom change then having those business decisions contained within the RPA Robot is ok. However if through analysis it is determined that the business decisions are more dynamic and need to be updated often then we would suggest looking at an external decision rules management system such as IBM Operational Decision Manager.


So there you have it – the next time your IT Automation is just not running on all cylinders, it could be as simple as looking at the Platforms used and making sure that each task within the overall process is being done by a single platform tool that can do the job well.


Troy DesBarres is a Founding Partner and Solutions Architect at MagicLamp Software. Troy has been a thought leader in IT for over 20 years. He has a practical understanding of the operational challenges that face businesses, and he brings a wealth of experience architecting solutions to meet those challenges. Troy’s leadership has helped position MagicLamp as a leading software solutions provider. Visit the following pages to learn more about: MagicLamp Software, DatacapODM ,RPA