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MagicLamp Software Featured in IBM Expert TV’s Two Questions for Automation – Capture in the Cloud Edition

Posted on April 21st, 2021 Blog, News

Christian Dodier, MagicLamp Software’s Project Manager and Cloud Architect, recently joined David Jenness to discuss Capture in the Cloud on IBM Expert TV’s Two Questions for Automation.  

Businesses are migrating automation to the cloud to make their IT infrastructure more agile and elastic. Organizations that use capture in the cloud are accelerating implementation times, reducing strain on local system resources, paying only for what resources are used, using infinite computing power and storage and more. 

Christian discusses the MagicLamp approach to capture in the cloud and talked about best practices that he has used on numerous projects. The first step is looking at system sizing. Proper sizing will make or break an environment. The second step is to review storage. Storage is often overlooked.  

Christian shares best practices from his experience in many projects such as not trying to do everything in isolation. Another best practice is to involve business owners on a disaster recovery system. The goal is to minimize disruption and optimize costs.  

To learn more about Capture in the Cloud, watch the show! To see the second part of the show – the post-show discussion and Q&A, look here.

Two Questions About Automation 
Friday, March 26, 11 am ET 
Two Questions About Automation – Christian Dodier on Capture in the Cloud 

Customers are searching for Agility and Elasticity in their IT infrastructure, which is the main reason that migrating Automation to the Cloud is so popular. The promise is that an organization can more easily provision for peak business or reduce capacity if needed. Christian Dodier is Project Manager and Cloud architect for IBM Business Partner MagicLamp Software. He has migrated IBM Datacap to the cloud for some major accounts and in this episode, we’ll find out out what’s involved. 

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