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Cognitive Correction Module

Cognitive Correction Module

Increase Business Process Automation with Cognitive Correction

Do you wish there was a way in which Datacap could “learn” from the operating input of the Data Entry Operator so that the repetitive corrections are reduced over time and the Operator’s role is more efficient?

Data Entry Operators often spend time repetitively correcting errors in Optical Character Recognition (“OCR”) data. Cognitive Correction Module (“CCM”) is a software tool in which machine learning is utilized to reduce the number of data fields that require operator attention.

How it works

  • CCM analyzes OCR data prior to the validation stage
  • Data that is considered questionable or determined incorrect by Datacap is compared against an ever growing knowledgebase of data collected from the past manual corrections made by Operators
  • The incorrect or questionable data is auto-corrected based on historical correction trends for that data field prior to the Operator having to review it

Key benefits:

  • The efficiency gains from CCM keep growing over time as more correction history is “learned” by the system to help improve future corrections
  • Management can review statistics on where Operators are spending their time correcting data, so further process refinements can be made to optimize a business process.

MagicLamp Software’s Cognitive Correction Module will improve your business process automation and save you time and money.

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