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Enhanced Line Items

Enhanced Line Items

Simplifying complex data capture

Do you need an automatic data capture tool that can process complex documents such as forms, letters, and notes?

IBM Datacap’s capture process works by seeking and capturing single line items such as the entries in an order form. Unfortunately, complex documents can’t always be divided into simple line items, so Datacap is unable to extract information from these documents without expensive IT development.

MagicLamp Enhanced Line Items builds on Datacap to provide a simple and easily configured tool to capture complex data using custom line items.

Take Datacap out of IT’s hands and put it in yours

with an easy-to-use interface that lets business users configure document capture without IT development.

Expand Datacap’s scanning ability

by customizing line items into easily defined and classified sections that make data capture easy.

Implement new document types

into your process with fast and easy on-the-go configuration of custom line items.

Prevent errors

with location test verification that ensures the tool is capturing the right information when you implement a new document type.

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