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ECM Printer

ECM Printer

Easy document archiving to FileNet

It can be frustrating and time consuming to capture and archive web pages and other documents to FileNet from applications that don’t support direct FileNet integration.

MagicLamp’s ECM Print Driver simplifies the process and enables you to use the familiar Print function of any application to convert, classify, and archive documents in FileNet. To capture a document, simply:

  1. click Print
  2. select the ECM Print Driver as your printer
  3. print the document

The driver will prompt you to choose the file type, add metadata, and select the location for the document in FileNet.

Enforce your FileNet security policies

with integrated security that restricts users to the areas of your FileNet system they are permitted to see.

Enhance auditability of records

by capturing and archiving frozen content from any application, anytime.

Save files in multiple formats

including PDF, TIF, PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF, RTF, and HTML.

Manage PDFs

with PDF password encryption ability, PDF text layer for content based searching, and support for PDF/A.

Take the frustration out of document capture and archiving to Filenet. Call MLS today to learn more about ECM Print Driver.

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