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Google Content Collector

Google Content Collector

Email retention for regulatory compliance

MagicLamp’s Google Content Collector allows you to take control of your cloud-based email by automatically archiving it to IBM FileNet. Archiving your emails reduces regulatory risk by enabling you to enforce records retention policies, and it saves you money by reducing the amount of cloud storage you need for email.

Define custom policies to collect and archive email

for efficient email and storage management. Manage messages according to business value, apply retention policies to individual messages, and filter and dispose of irrelevant messages.

Reduce exposure to liability

by managing content through its lifecycle and automatically deleting emails when they are no longer needed or when you are not legally obligated to retain them.

Optimize email storage

in FileNet by consolidating email attachments and deleting duplicate attachments.

Minimize impact on users

with transparent email client integration that allows instant access to archived messages.

Discourage personal use of company email

by informing employees of your email retention policy.

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