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Enhanced Email Extractor

Enhanced Email Extractor

MagicLamp’s Enhanced Email Extractor works with IBM Datacap to better capture email images and data in an organization.

MagicLampā€™s Enhanced Email Extractor is a product developed from years of experience in resolving various email ingestion issues. The Extractor can handle 99% of the most common email ingestion pitfalls and challenges.

The Enhanced Email Extractor allows for the seamless integration of email credential encryption along with the added benefit of leveraging a database table to store and maintain all required email credentials.

The Enhanced Email Extractor uses a round-robin style of email pulling to seamlessly pull from many email boxes given a single rule runner thread instance, limiting overhead from thread startup/closing.

  • Reduce server overhead
  • Store/maintain email credentials
  • Capture desired inline email content and attachments

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