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ERP Data Gateway

ERP Data Gateway

Flexible real time ERP connectivity

Is your ERP communicating with your other business systems in real time, or are you reliant on expensive and time-consuming custom solutions to transmit data?

MagicLamp ERP Data Gateway is a web-based software solution that integrates your ERP with your other business systems to provide seamless, real time data transmission to and from your ERP. Our scalable, configurable and affordable solution to ERP connectivity lets you accelerate your project timelines and reduce your project costs.

Set traffic rules quickly and easily

to set up software connections to ERPs and test connectivity to ensure the gateway is functioning correctly.

Connect and manage multiple ERPs

with easy scalability and configurable traffic management to route the right traffic to the right ERP.

Integrate major business software systems

including Sage, SAP, Oracle Financials, Dynamics Great Plains or any tool that supports service enabled architecture.

Protect your data across the network

with SSL security, including support for custom certificates.

Create a clear audit trail

with accurate logging that tracks and records every transaction passing through the gateway.

Support when you need it

Stay up and running with technical support from MagicLamp.

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