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Enhanced Flex ID

Enhanced Flex ID

Simple visual document classification

Do you need a greater level of speed and functionality from Flex ID? MagicLamp’s Enhanced Flex ID is a custom user interface for IBM Datacap Flex ID. It builds on the existing IBM interface to provide a powerful, visual way to classify pages in Datacap.

Our interface lets users manually configure, find, and classify pages easily and quickly, providing significant time savings.

Speed up document processing

with a three-point viewing interface that shows thumbnails of pages, a central viewer, and the page batch tree. When the user clicks a thumbnail, the interface shows the document in the viewer and indicates where it is in the batch.

Customize the thumbnails view

by easily increasing or decreasing the number of thumbnails shown on screen.

Assign custom hotkeys

to frequently-used functions to speed up navigation and processing.

Filter views by page type

to simplify searching, navigating, sorting, and classifying pages.

Enjoy smooth, fast navigation with background image loading that eliminates the wait time for images to load while the user is scrolling.

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