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Enterprise Records

Enterprise Records

Consistent records retention compliance

Regulatory exposure can present a risk to your company. Protect your business by capturing, declaring, classifying, storing, and disposing of documents to comply with legal requirements.

We help you stay compliant by integrating your existing records management and disposition process with the IBM Enterprise Records automated records management system. Our solution pays for itself in protection against regulatory fines, penalties, and lawsuits.

Eliminate manual document management.

We integrate data capture and archiving to ensure documents are tracked from the moment they enter your business to the time they are destroyed.

Dispose of records and reduce liability.

We create workflows that ensure documents are deleted when you are legally permitted to delete them.

Provide a record of compliance.

Ensure seamless, automatic adherence to records retention policies and a consistent audit trail.

Automate your file plan.

We work with you to design a program to execute your records policies into your content repository.

Integrated document management

Save money and protect your business from regulatory risk by managing documents from the moment they enter your business to the time they are no longer needed.

MagicLamp transforms your business processes by focusing on 3 key areas:

  • Content Capture: Delivering accurate, relevant data to your line-of-business systems.
  • Content Management: Storing and managing the data so it is sharable and accessible.
  • Records Management: Enforcing management and disposition policies to ensure regulatory compliance.

Find out how MagicLamp helped Abercrombie & Fitch comply with global labor laws.

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