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Provincial Government of Nova Scotia Employee Records Digitization Case Study

The Provincial Government of Nova Scotia recently embarked on an employee records digitization project with MagicLamp Software.

The government maintains records of 11,500 civil service employees and may be required to retain those files for 60 years after the person leaves the government.  

The old system consisted of keeping paper files of records that took up 3,500 square feet of space in five physical locations. There were hundreds of boxes of files and an estimated 2.4 million pages of employee records 

Previously, if an employee from the HR department needed a file, they would go to the records center to request the file (files are in different locations) bring it back to their office, conduct their analysis and bring the record back to the records center. 

In addition to the physical costs of the paper files, the government looked at digitizing its files as part of a risk management strategy. The security risks such as flood and fire of the physical files were concerning. Loss prevention was also a very critical component of the strategy. 

Implementing a digitization records strategy will save time, allowing HR employees to access records quickly. Benefits also include lower real estate & storage costs and more secure records storage, reducing risk of loss. 

MagicLamp had some experience working within government previously, so that was really helpful because they understood the broader context of how records were managed in government. What they brought back to us were some ways to be more efficient on this project and recommendations that came along with that knowledge. Given that it was such a daunting task from the very outset, it was a very smooth transition to a digital environment.” 

Director of HR Analytics Systems and Information Management, Provincial Government of Nova Scotia