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Robotic Process Automation

Posted on January 22nd, 2018 Blog


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) provides a highly scalable solution that automates repetitive workflows and tasks to improve your business efficiency. IBM Datacap is an Enterprise Capture Solution with advanced imaging and Cognitive capabilities. Using Datacap in conjunction with RPA bots provides the data required to complete repetitive tasks.

Key benefits of employing RPA in your organization:

  • Reduction of data-entry costs
  • Reallocate information workers to more critical assignments
  • Increase accuracy and timeliness of data entry
  • Ability to have 24/7 productivity
  • Reduction in operational risk

The MagicLamp Value

MagicLamp Software is unique in that we are able to provide Sales, Services, and Expertise in Datacap and both Automation Anywhere and Blue Prism. The MagicLamp team work with clients to propose the best solution to increase automation in your business processes.

MagicLamp RPA Accelerators

MagicLamp Accelerators are Value Add Assets that MagicLamp brings to any project. These Accelerators are entirely included in the solution delivery. An Accelerator is a pre-configured integration point designed to save deployment time and cost. With MagicLamp’s Accelerators, a project can be configured, tested, and in production much faster.

For Automation Anywhere, MagicLamp has created a ‘Datacap wTM’ Metabot Accelerator. This component allows an Automation Anywhere analyst to Create a Batch, Upload Multiple Files to the Batch and finally Release the Batch so that Datacap can begin to work on it all directly from an Automation Anywhere workflow.

For Blue Prism, MagicLamp has created the same ‘Datacap wTM’ VBO Accelerator. In addition, MagicLamp has created an Action Library for Datacap that allows users to seamlessly place Datacap results onto a Blue Prism Work Queue as a Work Item all through Configuration NOT Customization.

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