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Explanation of Benefits Processing Solution

Explanation of Benefits Processing Solution

Optimizing your EOBs

Are you capturing all the useful data from your EOBs, or are errors and omissions keeping you in the dark? Different providers use different EOB document styles and templates, so it can be difficult to locate, enter, and process relevant and accurate claims data.

Automated explanation of benefits processing can help, but software tools may need to be customized to handle all that variable information. That eats up valuable IT resources and can lead to high development costs from your vendor.

MagicLamp’s EOB processing solution is a pre-packaged automated document capture and tracking system that can be easily and quickly configured to manage diverse EOB templates without the need for software development.

Flexibility without complexity

The beauty of our EOB processing solution is that it plugs right into your existing processes with minimal disruption. Based on IBM’s proven Datacap capture solution, our system will simplify your EOB processing, and convert content trapped in existing documents into business data you can use to detect fraud, validate claims, and control errors.

Our solution features configurable scanning that can be adapted to a variety of EOB and other document templates, increasing data capture efficiency and reducing the level of entry errors and omitted data. Best of all, the solution can be configured without the need for software development, so your business process SMEs can adapt the software tools to your needs with a minimum of IT involvement.

We’ll work with you and your experts to understand your existing process and requirements, and then we’ll integrate our solution into your process, making necessary adjustments to ensure the solution supports your business.

There’s a lot of valuable data in your EOBs. We’ll help you unleash that value so you can save money, reduce risk, and make informed business decisions.

MagicLamp takes the complexity out of EOB processing and transforms your business. Call us today to learn more.

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