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Human Resources Solution

Human Resources Solution

Reducing regulatory risk

Human resources regulations and litigation are a risk to your business, especially if your operations are worldwide. Failure to stay compliant with human rights laws and reporting requirements could leave you exposed to regulatory violations and employee litigation. And keeping documents beyond the required retention time can expose you to liability.

Managing HR document classifications is the key to mitigating regulatory risk, especially when you face multiple and diverse regulatory environments. It’s vital to keep track of all the relevant information about an employee, but it is equally vital to classify the documents that contain that information. Classification ensures that you track the necessary documents as required by law, helping you close the compliance gap.

Our automated HR solution captures and classifies all relevant and meaningful information from your HR documents. And you stay compliant, informed, and protected from risk.

“Since introducing Datacap, we’ve been able to proactively identify gaps in our hiring documentation and take immediate action to correct it. As a result, we’ve improved our associate file compliance in each country this solution has been rolled out to, a trend we expect to continue as Datacap is introduced to additional countries.” — Abercrombie & Fitch

How MagicLamp can help

MagicLamp’s human resource solution is proven to increase compliance to regulations when implemented in real world applications. We understand the stress that regulatory exposure can place on your organization and we know how to work with businesses to transform their HR document management to minimize that risk.

Our solution captures relevant data by automatically scanning and digitizing HR documents such as resumes, employee certifications, contracts, interview notes, and forms. The scan is customizable to accommodate unique documents and different resume styles, and it is language agnostic.

Once scanned, the digitized documents are classified by document type so you can easily track, manage, store, and delete them. The solution detects and notifies you when documents are not filled out or when they are missing information, ensuring employee files are complete and current. Once your documents are digitized and stored, you can import the data into your ERP systems to manage your payroll—and you can save on paper storage.

The benefit to you? Less risk. You can access the relevant documents in seconds to ensure every employee file is compliant.

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