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Medical Claims Processing Solution

Medical Claims Processing Solution

Efficiency, accuracy, and compliance

Let’s do some math. Suppose a typical data entry operator can manually process 200 claims in a single shift. That’s a big payroll if you process thousands of claims a day. Add the cost of fraud prevention, data entry errors, HIPAA compliance, and paper storage, and it’s not hard to see the real cost of claims processing.

It can seem impossible to get claims processing costs down while maintaining accuracy and staying compliant with regulations. HIPAA doesn’t let you send the work offshore, so your ability to cut operational costs is limited. Throughput can be increased by adding staff, but that raises your cost per claim and it doesn’t address errors and regulatory compliance.

That’s where MagicLamp comes in. Our automated medical claims processing solution for HMOs will enhance your claims throughput with minimal disruption to your existing processes.

Go beyond the possible

Automation has substantially decreased the time and costs associated with medical claims processing for many of our clients.

Automated document scanning reduces manual keying errors, and our solution can be easily configured to scan and manage the different documents that make up one of your claims. The solution brings new efficiencies such as automated cross verification of information and metadata capture to enhance document tracking and fraud detection.

Digitized documents can be processed and retained in compliance with regulations and deleted when you’re no longer required to hold them, reducing your regulatory risk. And of course, increased claims processing throughput means better customer service.

MagicLamp works with you to understand how you process medical claims, and we build a solution that transforms your processes with minimal changes to your business.

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