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Sales Order Management Solution

Sales Order Management Solution

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As you well know, time is money. Sales orders need to be processed quickly and accurately so you can get paid. Everything from production to packing to shipping starts with the sales order. If you can’t deliver on time, or if you ship the wrong products to the wrong place, it comes right off your top line.

Manual sales order entry can be fast or accurate, but you can’t have both. Automating your sales order process can speed up order processing and get your product out the door sooner, but accurate sales data is still the key.

Our automated sales order management solution helps you boost both speed and accuracy from order to cash without disrupting your sales flow or requiring huge changes to your process.

Smart sales order processing

Automated sales order processing solutions often promise more than they can deliver. We’re different. We provide a smarter solution that:

  • speeds up your order processing
  • reduces data entry errors
  • provides a complete audit trail
  • lets you reassign order entry personnel elsewhere where they can provide greater value

Our solution automates data entry so the PDF/A document is placed in a document repository system and the order data is delivered to your ERP with as little human interaction as possible. And the best part? Our ERP Data Gateway allows us to support other ERP systems, including SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft and Microsoft Dynamics.

We work with your sales department to transform your existing process by automating as much of the process as possible without sacrificing accuracy. We take the time to listen to you and understand how your system works. Then we work alongside you to optimize your process with as little change and retraining as possible.

You’ll get an enhanced version of your established sales process that is scalable, reliable, and accurate—a solution that sends the right product to the right place so you get paid faster.

And that’s good for both your top line and bottom line.

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