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Take Back Your Power with Automation Document Processing!

Posted on June 17th, 2021 Blog

If I had a dime for every time a business user complained about working with their technical counterparts, I’d be a billionaire!  

“They don’t understand our business!”  

“Why are my requests taking so long to implement?”  

“What are they doing???” 

ADP from IBM Automation is the application that puts the business analyst user back in control. ADP is Automation Document Processing, and it does just that.  

ADP seamlessly allows users to effortlessly extract data from documents. Now back-office business users can quickly build an application to meet their individual needs and the teams’ future goals using AI. 

Adding ADP is like onboarding a new team member. A superstar team member!  

Artificial Intelligence along with Deep Learning allow for the solution to read, refine, and apply high-quality data to workflows and applications; helping to eliminate costly manual document processing.  

Unlike human team members, the software works 24/7.  

It doesn’t get stuck in traffic and arrive to the office late. 

It doesn’t get sleepy after lunch and make costly mistakes.  

It doesn’t get bored with the repetitive tasks.  

Put IBM ADP to work for you and get your team members focused on higher value work to grow your business as only humans can.