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Why Go Paperless At Work?

Posted on January 8th, 2021 Blog

Many companies are still relying on paper usage and manual processes. This can cost companies in many ways including purchasing, storage, lost documents, waste, labor inefficiencies and more.

This paper reliance also posed a problem during 2020’s pandemic when businesses were forced to operate digitally, whether they were ready or not.

COVID-19 has become a catalyst for business transformation with 75% of businesses planning on long-term IT changes.

Many companies plan on evaluating paperless solutions in the new year as the world has changed and operating a remote workforce has become a priority.

The transition to digital business processes can help organizations go paperless and cut costs, reduce errors and improve productivity.

Implementing an intelligent document capture and management system can help automate many departmental tasks such as accounts payable, human resources and sales order invoice management.

According to a study from market research firm AIMM, 84% of companies see a return on investment in 12-18 months when they move to digital document management.

This infographic shows the costs of paper usage at work and helps businesses quantify their costs as they plan the move to digital process automation.

The Cost of Paper at Work